Anchor Fence is the number one fence company in Michigan for custom commercial gates. Our custom gate designs include: vinyl gates, wood gates, chain link gates, steel gates, aluminum gates, iron and wrought iron gates for all applications including: single and double drive gates, cantilever gates, slide gates and roll gates. No matter what the application is, Anchor Fence has the solution for your business.

Automatic Gate – Chain Link

At Anchor Fence, we do not keep a stock of pre-made gates! When you select our company to supply a gate for your fence or commercial property, you are guaranteed to receive the PERFECT gate that is specifically designed to fit YOUR gate’s opening -at no extra cost!

It is important to have a custom gate for your fence for many reasons. Two of the most important reasons are:

Security: When your gate is designed specifically for your fence, you are sure to not have any gaps between the gate and fence posts. Such gaps allow for animals and intruders to get inside the commercial property.

Closing/Opening: If your gate is too small or too large for the opening, there is a chance that the latch will not properly close. This means that the gate can be easily opened by unwanted visitors. This can also damage the gate due to consistent pulling and jerking on the gate to get it to close.

Currently vinyl gates from Anchor Fence have been proven to be the most durable vinyl gates in the fence industry! Anchor Fence goes to extreme measures when building a custom vinyl gate to insure that there is not a single place around that can give you a better gate! Stop by our office today and see some of our display models.

Residential and Commercial gates are available from Anchor Fence. We can guarantee you a perfect gate for almost any application possible. Some gate applications that we have done in the past may include: Yard enclosures, dumpster enclosures, parking lot slide gates, pool gates, storage company gates, large sliding gates (aluminum, steel, wood, iron and chain link), large swinging gates, and more. There really is no limit to the custom gate designed that you can receive from Anchor Fence!

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